Tefamore Donne Borse Del Messaggero Borse A Tracolla Di Rose Crossbody Del Ricamo Borse (20*14*8cm, Nero)

EAN: 0657412231333
Colore: Nero
Dimensione: 20*14*8cm
Il pacchetto include: 1 * sacchetto.

€ 27,49


Genere: Donne. Stile: Moda.
Tipo dell'articolo: Sacchetto di spalla.
Materiale: Cuoio dell'unità di elaborazione.
Formato: 20 * 14 * 8cm. Tipo di modello: Rosa.
Tipo dell'articolo: Sacchetto di spalla. Tipo di chiusura: Copertura.

Overall Customer Rating:

  • 4.9
238 customer reviews

98% of reviewers would recommend this product

Is this the 6.6 inch screen?

asked by Olivia Slater on 08/14/2015

No, this is the 6.4 inch screen

answered on 08/14/2015

for those who owns this model phone in USA, may I know if this phone has the 4G LTE in Tmobile's network? Thank you in advance.

asked by Blake Hardacre on 08/14/2015

Yes. can use TMobile LTE 1700MHZ.

answered on 08/14/2015

I'm from Puerto Rico! this phone work for me???

asked by John Mathis on 08/14/2015

Yes... It will work with any gsm radio system in the world... It does not work, however on any cdma radio system...

answered on 08/14/2015

so this phone works on tmobile current network ll i have to do is switch the sim card?

asked by Cheryl Gustin on 08/14/2015

the phone works fine with T-mobile's 4G LTE network, all you have to do is get a micro-sim card and insert it to start using your phone, if you already have a micro-sim sized card then just plug in.

answered on 08/14/2015

does it work on the boost mobile network?

asked by Cyndy Naquin on 08/14/2015

It only works on gms networks so you have to check I think boost mobile is cmd network like verizon towers not sure

answered on 08/14/2015

Is this version waterproof?

asked by Brandon Burgess on 08/14/2015

All Sony Xperia z lines are water proof the Sony Xperia z1,z2,z3,z ultra all of those

answered on 08/14/2015

how strong is the phone..does the screen crack easily ?

asked by Frank Mills on 08/14/2015

Is strong enough to keep running even if it drops a few times, but I reckon if you kick it it Will smash, as any smartphone in the World. I had it for 3 months and it hasn't got a scratch.

answered on 08/14/2015

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